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Crypto On/Off Ramp

Build your crypto on- and off-ramp with real-time access to liquidity

Work with Prime Trust to easily and quickly offer access to crypto.

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How it Works

Integration with Prime Trust means you can focus on delivering the best user experience possible, while we focus on the flow of funds.

Your Focus
Our Focus
  • 01
    User Opens Account


    Custodial Account Creation

    Qualified custody

  • 02
    User Funds Accounts

    Send funds

    Real-time bank balance checks

    NACHA Compliant

    Receive Funds

    Process Funds

  • 03
    User Buys Crypto

    Source Liquidity

    Real-time Quotes

    Fiat to Crypto

    Fiat to Stablecoin

    Instant or Delayed Settlement

  • 04
    User Stores Assets

    Qualified Custody or Sub-custody of Fiat or Digital Assets


  • 05
    User Sends Assets

    Fiat Disbursements: ACH / Wires

    Wallet transfer: Crypto : Crypto

  • 06
    User Sells Crypto

    Real-time Quotes

    Source Liquidity

    Crypto : Fiat

    Stablecoin : Fiat

    Instant or Delayed Settlement

  • 07
    Support Your Users

    Tax Reporting

    24/7 Support

    Premium Support

    Premium Compliance

All APIs

The One-Stop Shop for Payment Platforms
  • Qualified Custody

    Qualified Custody

    Enable quick, secure, and compliant custody or sub-custody of users’ funds in a variety of account types.

  • Payment Rails

    Payment Rails

    Move fiat with ease and confidence with flexible rails and built-in redundancy.

  • Compliance


    Onboard users quickly, confidently, and compliantly with scalable KYC and KYB.

  • Liquidity


    Access liquidity and create markets for crypto/fiat pairs, securitized tokens, and other alternative assets.

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