APIs & Invest Now™

Two options to integrate your website and operations directly into Prime Trust’s systems include:

  1. Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”).
  2. Invest Now™ - Simplify your capital raise in an incredibly easy way with our "Invest Now" plug & play investment transaction engine! Built on our own API’s and easy to customize. Follow the few simple steps below to set up your Reg D, A, CF or S offering and you will be ready to easily and quickly accept new investors.
  • Enter offering information
  • E-Sign agreements
  • Copy and paste the button on your website
  • Investors click your "Invest Now" button, which keeps them on your website
  • Investors provide vesting info, amount, esign agreement and send funds (which we handle)
  • System automatically emails alerts, customizable by you, "from" the issuer (new investment, funds received, final confirmation, etc)
  • Powerful dashboard to manage investors, view account balances and conduct the offering
  • Report of incomplete investments so you can directly follow up with prospective investors
  • Invest Now was created to enable businesses to launch online capital raises. Easily. Quickly. In compliance with securities regulations. With no investor friction and the highest chance of success. It is sophisticated technology backed by our industry leading compliance, transaction processing and back-office services… yet flexible enough to be used by both novices (plug ‘n play) and engineers (massively customizable).
PrimeTrust Transaction Technology - Invest Now

Raising Capital Made Easy!


Ability for an investor who is viewing an offering online (or via email) to simply click a button to bring up a form that lets them invest.


The form captures the investors vesting information, the amount being invested and eSign’s the subscription agreement, then provides funds processing instructions, transfers those funds into custody, and performs anti-money laundering checks on the investor (both domestic and foreign). Prime Trust also handles funds movement, escrow and custodial accounting, emails the investor and the issuer with various updates, and performs other services. All records and agreements are available to the issuer and retained as required by securities and banking regulations.


Using Invest Now, which captures the entire transaction in one sitting, has shown a transaction success rate of 97%. When the transaction is broken up in a “crowd-direct” offering, requiring the investor to stop, start, stop, start, etc as various elements are done prior to permitting them to invest (e.g. requiring that they receive, print, sign and fax documents physically rather than electronic) has a success rate of just 10%. Our methodology provides, by far, the best chance of getting funded.

Marketing Note:

You can assign tracking codes to multiple buttons in order to track investor success from different locations. You can get this code in the offering setup wizard on the final tab.

Our role?

We are a behind-the-scenes technology, back-office and compliance provider. We are on the hook for regulatory compliant AML, Bad Actor Checks, funds processing, and escrow protection, among other things. We are very good at that. But we don’t provide legal advice, accounting, brokerage services, marketing or investor solicitation. We have many customers and partners who do those things and are happy to make introductions whenever asked.

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