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Onboard users quickly, confidently, and compliantly with scalable KYC and KYB

Prime Trust’s Compliance API uses cutting-edge technology and a broad set of data sources, including watchlists, fraud databases, transaction monitoring systems, and document verification services, to deliver effective fraud protection and financial crime detection at scale.

  • Global Coverage

    We onboard and support US and non-US accounts via proprietary integrations with jurisdiction-specific data sources and verification methods.

  • Risk Prevention

    We have a risk-based, automated verification system and robust exception review process to onboard users safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Proprietary Screening

    We keep evolving our proprietary data-driven compliance process to pre-empt fraudulent and sanctioned activities.

  • Goldilocks Standard

    We know good compliance doesn’t get in the way of good user experience, so we strive to deliver simple, quick, and frictionless screening that keeps you and your users safe and happy.

  • AML and Fraud Controls




  • Technology Specifications

    AI powered

    Risk-based approach

    Global verification

    Virtual onboarding

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