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Move assets at scale, anytime, from anywhere, instantly.

The Prime Exchange Network (PrimeX™) is a fast, secure, and easy API-driven service that allows you to transfer any asset between your Prime Trust accounts, or to any customer on the PrimeX network, in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Send assets in a snap

Transferring assets is complex.

PrimeX makes it easy.

The Prime Exchange Network (PrimeX™) is used by industry-leading exchanges, OTC desks, market makers, stablecoins, and traders – giving our clients 24/7 access to the partners they need to power their business. With disbursements immediately available, your assets are where you want them to be when you need them to be there.

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Unparalleled Security

Unrivaled Protection

From the moment you send your asset, it travels safely and directly from your Prime Trust account to your recipient’s Prime Trust account.

Our known-counterparty policy, unique to Prime Trust, adds a strong layer of security and protection.

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Send assets with ease

Our technology enables you to securely send FIAT currency, traditional assets, and digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, stocks, bonds and more.

Secure Identification

Counterparties must agree that they know each other and want to receive funds and/or assets before any transaction can be completed.

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