Core Platform

An all-in-one API platform for everything you need to build new or improve existing Fintech services

Why Core Platform?

An all-in-one API ecosystem, that allows you to build fintech offerings your way

Our Core Platform removes the friction and complexity of building new Fintech services by giving you access to all seven of our proprietary API products, secure and reliable integrations, and vendor networks.

Core Platform includes


Our system enables to hold a variety of different assets from USD and other fiat currencies, to BTC and other digital assets, to real estate, and public and private securities.

Payment Rails

We support a wide range of payment methods retail friendly rails such as ACH and card processing to more institutional rails such as wires and signet transfers.


An API-based solution that enables integrators to offer crypto-to-fiat trading pairs. It trades on a riskless principal basis, providing liquidity to clients directly on a non-disclosed basis.


Is a fast, secure, and easy API-driven service that allows you to transfer any asset between your Prime Trust accounts, or to any customer on the network, in real-time, 24 hours a day.


We provide chargeback indemnity for credit and debit transactions and return predictive transaction approvals and will bear the cost of the chargeback if we’re wrong.


Our API driven KYC program integrates into a wide range of data sources, watchlists, fraud databases, and document verification services in order to surface quality results.


Prime Issuance is a white label debit card issuance program. This API enables our integrators to provide their customers with easy access to their custodial balances at Prime Trust via debit cards.

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Last updated on: Dec 31, 2020

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