Multiple Payment Rails

Move Assets with Ease

Prime Trust’s payment rails support your customer base, spanning retail-friendly rails such as ACH and card processing to institutional rails such as wires and signet transfers. With instant settlement, ACH and card transactions can be credited to user's accounts, immediately allowing them to trade, save, and pay without delay.

Multiple Currencies, One API

Between US-specific rails like ACH, Europe specific rails like SEPA, and international rails like SWIFT wire transfers, Prime Rails can feed natively into Prime Custody for fiat custody in 6 different leading global currencies.

Checkout flows experience much higher conversion when end users are presented with pricing in their native currency. With Prime Rail's card processing, card transactions can be processed in 165 currencies natively and instantly converted to USD upon deposit to Prime Trust, allowing you to bank in USD while presenting users the most friction-less experience.

Keep Funds Flowing Smoothly

Prime Trust increases redundancy with a robust network of banks and payment processors. We are constantly expanding the network to ensure there are no single points of failure in any payment rails — and in the event of disruptions or compliance policy changes, we maintain strong backups.

Prioritize the Routing Paths

We've curated partnerships with a robust network of banks and payment processors to offer our rails to a wide array of different markets. Our smart routing layer routes particular transactions to the banks best suited for the particular transition keeping your costs low and your rails on.

Universal Indemnity

Protect Yourself from Chargebacks Across Fiat and Crypto

Prime Rails is fortified by Prime Indemnity, our chargeback indemnity solution. By aggregating a variety of data points across multiple platforms, Prime Indemnity returns predictive transaction approvals for debit and credit card purchases. In the event of a fraudulent transaction, Prime Trust will bear any associated costs.

Multiple Layers of Processing

With a robust network of banks and payment processors comes increased redundancy. We constantly expand the network to ensure there are no single points of failure in any payment rails ensuring strong backups in the event of banking disruptions or compliance policy changes.

Zero Chargebacks

For our customers in the digital asset space, we provide chargeback indemnity for credit and debit transactions that run through our Prime Indemnity product. Aggregating a variety of data points across our platform and our partners, we're able to return predictive transaction approvals and will bear the cost of the chargeback when we're wrong.

Smart Routing

Many fintech apps deal with disruptions to various rails as banking partners change their minds about the types of transactions they'll approve or process. With our banking network and smart routing, we constantly adjust for the banking landscape keeping partners happy and your payments processing.

Build on Top of the Industry's Most Advanced Payment Rails