Universal Indemnity

Chargeback Protection Across Fiat and Crypto

Indemnity enables fiat and crypto integrators to eliminate chargebacks and reduce fraud. By aggregating a variety of data points across multiple platforms, Indemnity returns predictive transaction approvals for debit and credit card purchases. In the event of a fraudulent transaction, Prime Trust will bear any associated costs.

AI-Powered Fraud Detection

For our customers in the digital asset space, we provide chargeback indemnity for credit and debit transactions that run through our Indemnity product.

Against False Declines

Last year, false declines cost merchants $20.3b. As an authorization solution, Prime Indemnity has been carefully calibrated to not only prevent fraud but also reduce false declines, ensuring a smooth payment processing flow for the majority of transactions.

Industry-leading Protocols

Prime Trust scans card transactions for fraud using the industry-leading 3Ds 2.0 protocol. 3Ds 2.0 enables frictionless transactions, shielding purchasers from authentication screens or other security checks in over 95% of transactions.

What Makes Our Indemnity Different

Our Indemnity service is used by the largest crypto providers, giving integrators the peace of mind they need to power their business. With universal chargeback protection, transactions happen smoothly and efficiently. Aggregating a variety of data points across our platform and our partners, we’re able to return predictive transaction approvals and will bear the cost of the chargeback if we’re wrong.

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