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State of the Art Custody

  • Universal Asset Platform

  • Prime Trust's universal asset platform is built on our proprietary core system, allowing for the custody of a wide range of various assets traditional institutions struggle to represent properly.

    As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, many applications are expanding beyond traditional USD payments, banking, and custody; and beginning to incorporate a wide range of assets from crypto to securities. With PrimeCore, all those assets can be custodied in one account for maximum convenience and ease of integration.

  • Various Account Types

  • Consumers demand flexibility and PrimeCore's account types deliver. Starting from simple custodial accounts for individuals and institutions, Prime core goes beyond traditional Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure with tax advantaged accounts like IRAs as well as securing through a variety of different asset protection trusts.

  • Qualified Custodian

  • As an independent, qualified custodian, we are the industry's trusted provider of secure storage solutions for traditional and modern assets. As a Nevada state chartered trust company, assets custodied in asset protection trusts are protected by Nevada's leading trust legislature. We provide the industry's leading insurance policy with additional options also available.

Security You Can Trust

  • Crypto Wallets

  • We leverage the Fireblocks platform, a leading provider for storing and transferring digital assets through their MPC technology. Through PrimeCore, we offer both wallets that require manual signing as well as wallets with programmatic signing. Our smart contracts have all undergone independent security that audits in addition to our routine IT examinations and penetration testing.

  • Operational Controls

  • We maintain a strict set of controls over any and all operational activity audited by an internal audit function that reports directly to the Board of Directors. Ranging from dual controls in financial operations to random audit sampling firm-wide, our operational controls keep your assets and transactions secure.

  • Independent Audits

  • We are heavily regulated and audited by external firms to give the transparency and peace of mind that you deserve. With us, you can expect only the highest standards of security controls.

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