Individual and Institutional Programs

Conduct KYC with One API Endpoint

Our API driven KYC program integrates into a wide range of data sources, watchlists, fraud databases, and document verification services in order to surface the highest quality results at tremendous scale.

We support both individuals from around the globe as well as companies and institutions domiciled in the US as well as abroad. Our web apps and APIs support full beneficial ownership modeling allowing entirely online onboarding of institutions to minimize friction without cumbersome PDFs.

Verify Customers Across Multiple Jurisdictions

We can run checks on US and International customers as well as manage country-specific rules, laws, and regulations to efficiently onboard and maintain multi-jurisdictional clients for you.

KYC Document Checks help run checks against identity and address documents that are provided to Prime Trust. Our automated document checks and compliance officer exception review spans passports globally as well as most country’s national IDs.

our features

Risk Management

We provide a 360° Visibility in our transaction and all Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Reduce Fraud

We process billions of dollars of transactions per month across all industries exposing us to a wide range of possible bad actors. With such a large amount of data, we partner with industry leading data repositories for identity verification and fraud enabling us to go a step farther than verification and often detect bad actors even when they’re using real identities.

Monitor Transactions

Fraud is constantly shifting and new attacks are continuously being deployed across the fintech industry. Between our partnerships, broad view of transactions, and inhouse data science team, we monitor transactions for suspicious activity and can reject them before they have a chance to occur and wreak havoc on your business.

Zero Chargebacks

For our customers in the digital asset space, we provide chargeback indemnity for credit and debit card transactions that run through our Prime Indemnity product. Aggregating a variety of data points across our platform and our partners, we’re able to return predictive transaction approvals and will bear the cost of any chargebacks if we’re wrong.

Build on top of the industry’s leading Compliance Programs