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IRAs (coming soon)

PrimeTrust HSAs

HSAs (coming soon)

Compliance Solutions

For offerings of stock, debt and digital assets conducted pursuant to US Securities regulations, including A, D, CF, S, S-1, S-11, and EB5. We provide a suite of services delivered with technology for backoffice support and compliance.

Services Include:

  • Anti-money laundering (“AML”) checks on domestic and international persons in compliance with the PATRIOT Act and Treasury regulations
  • Know your customer (“KYC”) verification in compliance with banking and securities laws
  • Processing funds into account with options including ACH, wire, check, credit/debit cards, digital currency
  • Trustee of cash and securities, held in custody for the customers benefit
  • Bad Actor Checks pursuant to Dodd-Frank regulations
  • Transaction technology via API’s and Invest Now buttons for a frictionless investor experience
PrimeTrust Compliance Solutions

Stablecoins & ABTs

Stablecoin and ABTs from Prime Trust
  • Qualified Trustee

    A qualified custodian is essential for protecting digital assets. We are a chartered, regulated financial institution and accommodate a wide array of business models.

  • Assets

    We provide custody of USD, real estate, gold, diamonds, stocks, bonds, and more. All USD that we custody can be FDIC insured.

  • Compliance

    Conduct AML & KYC, and process inbound and outbound funds via ACH, wire, check, digital currency. All fiat backed digital assets in our custody are audited by reputable, third-party CPAs.

  • Technology-Driven

    Seamlessly perform funds processing, AML & KYC compliance and meet the regulatory demands of your offerings with our seamless API integrations.

  • Asset Protection Trusts

    Providing security and peace of mind for business owners, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, doctor’s and other “high litigation risk” professionals, and for their attorneys, accountants and advisors.

    PrimeTrust Asset Protection Trusts
    • Easy, frictionless setup at low cost, just $1,795 setup and $395/yr to protect unlimited assets
    • Nevada trusts have the best protection laws, the best privacy tools, and no state tax on trust assets or income
    • Flexible, easy to modify as needed in the future
      ("Old money, new bottle: decant if you dont like the terms of an old trust" from "Forbes.com")
    • Built to protect real estate, cash, stocks, bonds, business ownership interests, and other assets
    • Add new assets to your trust anytime

    Start protecting your assets today!

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