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Technology-driven escrow, funds processing and compliance solutions for Reg CF, Reg A, 506(b), 506(c), Reg S, EB-5, and Intrastate

Confidently conduct capital raises under SEC and state regulations with us, as your complete back office solution. Our services are flexible and can be custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Why Prime Trust?

We are the industry’s leading provider of escrow services for technology-driven securities offerings.

Prime Trust is a "bank" under SEC Rule 15c2-4 and a "Qualified Third Party" under Reg CF. Our systems process and account for every dollar, while protecting issuers, investors and other involved in a capital raise. Holding funds and assets as a qualified third-party trustee, we will securely ensure the settlement of your transactions.

Run a seamless and compliant capital raise via API:

prime trust open escrow account

Open Escrow

prime trust escrow accept funds, usd, fiat, digital assets

Accept funds

(ACH, wires, BTC, ETH, credit cards, and more)

prime trust escrow process returns

Process returns

prime trust escrow manage disbursements

Manage disbursements

prime trust escrow close accounts

Close the account

We Break Barriers For You

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Escrow Includes:

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    Regulatory compliance securities escrow for broker-deaslers, crowdfunding portals, real estate syndication and other professionals.
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    Compliance checks on all transactions.
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    All securities types, including Reg A, D, S, CF, EB-5, and more.
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    Detailed, real-time accounting and reports.
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    Brokers and portals, tri-party escrow agreements.
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    Domestic and international investors.
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    Funds processing via ACH, credit & debit cards, wires, checks, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets.
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    Easily integrate with our APIs.

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