Simple, Effortless, Funds Processing

cashrails™ digital payment services for:

  • ACH
  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • Fed-Wire
  • Swift
  • Checks
  • 165 Currencies Instantly Converted to USD (Debit Cards)
  • Instant Settlement Solutions
  • Optimized Fraud Prevention
  • Industry-Best Transaction Approval & Conversion Rates
  • Quick & Easy Integrations with Full Global Coverage

Prime Trust creates financial infrastructure solutions for the digital economy

prime trust CashRails infrastructure

Secure high speed on-ramps for account loading

fully integrated payment processing

  • Lowest Transaction Fees
  • FDIC Insured USD Custody
  • Affordable Compliance & Instant Customer Onboarding

For credit card transactions
we offer:


Customers with trust, custodial, IRA, college savings and other types of accounts can easily deposit funds into their account with credit cards, debit cards, and linked bank accounts. They can then invest those funds however they want.


Companies conducting crowd-direct securities offerings can enable investors to send funds to escrow via credit & debit cards (in addition to ACH, wires and checks). We've already written the technology to process funds, receive batch transactions and properly account for each customer and each transaction. We even simplify processing refunds whenever needed.