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Why Prime Trust

Since inception, we’ve worked tirelessly to modernize financial infrastructure and package it into easy to use APIs and widgets. We believe our customers are building the next generation of financial applications that will, quite literally, change the world; and we’ve made it our mission to empower them to execute their visions. We understand that banking is complicated.

That’s why we’ve put together our team with experience ranging from all corners to the of the financial world - to help you change the world.

Binance.US uses Prime Trust’s Core Platform infrastructure to enter the US market. Within two months of launch, the company was doing as much as $14 million in daily trades using Prime Trust’s infrastructure.

In search of a digital assets custodian with a focus on compliance and regulations, TrustToken partnered with Prime Trust, who as an independent third-party trust would custody the USD for TrueUSD on behalf of the token holders.

Bittrex turned to Prime Trust to help it upgrade its systems and achieve its compliance goals more easily. The company was able to more easily align their business with the marketplace and offer more stable USD deposits and withdrawals.

Zap Solutions Uses Core Platform’s Infrastructure to Launch Strike. They turned to Prime Trust’s APIs to help them smoothly integrate with the broader financial ecosystems with custody, payment rails, and the settlement network.

Banq builds Neobank on top of Core Platform. Also building their compliance, payment processing, and custody offerings using Prime Trust’s suite of financial infrastructure APIs and leverage Prime Liquidity to enable securities and crypto trading.

StartEngine launched an equity crowdfunding platform, and they turned to Prime Trust to deliver the financial infrastructure, custody, payment rails, and escrow services they needed to quickly enter the marketplace with compliance in mind.

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