about us

Prime Trust is the technology-driven financial institution that provides open infrastructure solutions for FinTech innovators.

We power financial apps, payment processors, crypto exchanges, ATS', OTC desks, crowdfunding portals, real estate platforms, brokers, investment advisors, and others with smart API solutions to create world-class financial services at scale.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver open financial services to empower FinTech innovators to achieve incredible things. We strive for amazing B2B customer service coupled with frictionless and compliant services. Our APls provide the infrastructure to process payments, open financial accounts, deposit fiat and other assets, securely initiate disbursements, perform KYC & AML, settle transactions, manage escrow, confirm balances, and pull statements & reports.


Member Affiliations

American Bankers Association Insurance Services

Financial Insitution Bond | ABA Insurance Services
Your account is insured up to $5,000,000. for details please see

American Bankers Association

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