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Why Prime Trust

We power the future

We modernize financial infrastructure so you can innovate without the obstacles that legacy technology creates.

Solutions tailored to you

When it comes to financial infrastructure, one size does not fit all. That's why our APIs are customizable, modular, and made to fit your need.

One place for everything

All the functions you need - payments, settlement, custody, liquidity, issuance, indemnity, and compliance - in one place. No more juggling a thousand vendors.

Stay secure and compliant

We keep up with the regulations so you don’t have to. We guarantee a deep KYC for all transactions, safety for your assets, and a fully regulated and compliant entity.

Our Solutions

Build Fintech

Whether you're building from scratch or expanding your existing business, our financial infrastructure is designed to help you quickly and securely deploy new technology. Choose to build from the entire ecosystem with Core Platform, or select the individual APIs that fit best with your specific needs.


Raise Money

Designed to help crowdfunding platforms scale and companies conduct capital raises, our escrow, funds movement and compliance services are the SEC-compliant tools you need to start raising money today.

Buy Crypto

Coinramp is a plug and play crypto onramp with zero chargebacks, secure payment processing, and diligent KYC checks. Easy to deploy, Coinramp allows exchanges, wallets, and other platforms to easily embed a card-to-crypto onramp without worry.


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